Hot Deals!: Overstock, Returns, and Surplus Specials

Just some of our best-selling items: Get'em while they're hot! Remember: We are ready for you with a huge selection of truckloads directly from the department store reclamation centers and our distributors to you! Reserve your loads now and save! We sell by the pallet, lot or by the truckload.

Ps clipo hippo
Dora doll
AnF womens tee
Chadwicks knitted hood kaftan
Brand-Name Adult Diapers

Barnes & Noble Assorted Merchandise: A mixture of toys, games, electronic games, miscelaneous items, gifts, and more. Overstock merchandise, and may contain some returns. Minimum order of 24 pallets. FOB Florida.

wholesale bn merchandise
discount bn merchandise
closeout bn merchandise

Electronics from Sears: Sold by the lot, or truckload. Customer returns and shelf-pulls/overstock merchandise. Loads may contain a combination of: CD player, boomboxes, phones, car stereos, videos, cam-corders, electronic games, printers, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, fax machines, and much more. Please call for updated prices. FOB Florida, Atlanta, Ohio.

discount shelf stero system
closeout hand vacuum
closeout fax machine

Dept and Catalog Store Code #29 Assorted Brands: Tees and Tank Tops 1400 pieces available assorted. Cost $5.75 packed 100 pieces per case. Minimum order 600 pieces. While supplies last!

closeout vs tank top
closeout vs tee
closeout vs tee

Ballina High-End Fashion Sandals: All new 1st quality made in Brazil sandals in original factory cases. Each case contains 24 pairs. Huge selection of assorted sizes and colors per case. All made with 100% long-lasting rubber. Retail value is up to $24.99 per pair. Your cost is as low as $1.99 per pair. Minimum order is 5040 pairs (210 cases) FOB Florida.

discount ballina sandals new trip
wholesale ballina sandals buzios
wholesale ballina passarela 8523

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To contact us and receive an updated pallets list as well as the code listing to let you identify our suppliers, please use the form below. Act now! As soon as you stock up with closeout wholesale, surplus, remaindered, salvage, and overstock merchandise, you'll be ready to meet your customers' needs and profit handsomely! All fields except for the comments box are required.